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The Tool Library

Update and Soft Open Plans

Last year we secured funding from Ben and Jerry's to support creating  a Tool Library.Our plan is a "soft" open March 1st, run for 3 months, review in May our successes and short-comings and go from there. Very Exciting!
Before we open, we wanted to cover a few bases and get an idea of who may be interested in participating  and/or helping.
All ORE members will be able to borrow tools after signing a waiver.There will be  No Fee other than ORE membership during our 3 month trial. There will be a minimal deposit to be returned when the tools are brought back and of course a small overdue fee if tools are late. More details in the March Newsletter.
Nuts and Bolts
We have over 80 tools including: power tools, all sorts of hand tools including wrench kits and the like, caulking guns, belt sander, wet vac, drop cloths, and tool boxes to be used for easy carry. We also have safety gear.
Location: We have a good sized closet with 2 floor to ceiling shelves, peg board, and a drop down desk just down the hall from our office @ 46 Barre St., Montpelier.
Open 4 to 6 pm on Wednesdays (maybe some time on Saturdays if we get additional volunteers.
Tool Library Needs
A step stool.
Volunteers for 1.5 hours Saturdays. You could commit to one or many over the next 3 months.
People to help with periodic maintenance of tools.
A person to upload pictures of the tools in our database.
If interested in any of the above, please email: heather@orexchange.org
Take this 1 question Survey....That's it!
Click Here
So will be able to gauge interest and needs plus start up a tool wishlist.

Thank you from the ORE Board and Staff

ORE is Looking for New Board Members

     Do you have a passion to help your community and ready to make a big difference in the use of localresources? The Onion River Exchange is looking for New Board Member and to expand by 4 new members. If interested, please call: 802.661.8959 or email heather@orexchange.org.

Take our Survey...Only 10 Questions, 5 minutes at most...

We are looking to get a minimum of 60 responses and if we do,

expect a  raspberry pie at the February Montpelier Pot Luck.
The survey
 will help inform staff/ Board as well as give us information for submitting grants. 

We appreciate your time and opinions. 

Please log one hour for taking the survey. Thanks, Heather 
Just Click link below or copy and paste in your browser:  



Effective 1.3.2015  New Phone number: 802.661.8959 
Give us a call. Please leave a message and will will answer your message, guaranteed.

New Hours: Tuesday 11 to 4pm | Wednesday 9 to 6pm | Thursday 9 to 4pm



Click here to see the ORE full Calendar of Events


   This past summer I made a movie about the Onion River Exchange. I interviewed our members to find out why they joined and what is important  to them about the time bank. Thank you to: Paul Markowitz, Andy Potok, Jaimie Bedard, Linda Workman, Phayvahn Leukahaman, and Karen Hanron. To watch, click on this link:



Energy Saving FREE Site Visits.

A busy year for ORE. ORE has partnered with Efficiency Vermont to conduct Energy Saving Site Visits by trained members as well as offering efficiency workshops.

The Onion River Exchange is also in the process of creating a tool library and tool kits to be borrowed. Seed money from the Home Depot Foundation has enabled us to buy tools that would be loaned to members. Need a wet vac, power drill, saw horses? We are working on it.

ORE has also partnered with Home Share Now with a program called The Circle of Care. Our intent for the Circle of Care is to assist elders to age in place. What an exciting opportunity!


Onion River Exchange membership and Energy site visit scheduling contact:

Write ORE | 552.3040 | visit W, Th 10-3

 Keep Onion River Exchange Time Bank Ticking

Donate Now

The GOOD News:
Over 32,000 hours have been exchanged | Membership is expanding | 30 Home energy site visits | 34 home repairs | Our Tool Library is in the works | We are helping people help themselves by using time instead of money including those who are: elderly and aging in place, living on a fixed income, wanting to learn new skills, and desiring to connect with their community.
What we need and why:
Our goal is to raise $25,000. We are on our way, have a distance to go and we need your help. Funds raised will go to: increase staffing, rent, and outreach expenses.
Grants, membership and renewals are not enough to cover costs.
Who we help:
Our membership is open to all. We believe everyone’s time is equal and everyone has something to give. From shoveling a snowy walkway to caring for a pet while the owner is away, ORE offers a way to save money, help with day to day needs otherwise left unattended, and to offer community inspiration. ORE offers a network to exchange local resources and services.
Please join our effort by renewing your membership and making a donation.
Time banking helps people live better lives.

Thank You,

Bill Doelger, Chair of the ORE Board

Send a check to ORE, P.O. Box 53, Montpelier, VT 05601

Give on line (Paypal or credit card) or with GoFundMe:



Thank you for your support!


Why do you love ORE?  Share your stories of how ORE has made a difference in your life. 


Some very exciting new energy has been put into getting our TOOL LIBRARY up and running.
Members Troy Hickman, Marci Young, and Heather Kralik met to set up guidelines for lending tools, protocols, and a liability waiver. At the next June Board meeting, we hope to have our draft approved.

We Have the tools!

Hammers, wrenches, saws, safety gear, wet vac, weatherization materials +++ and even some power tools and battery operated drills. They are numbered and inventoried.

This is where we need your help. We need:

  • People who are interested in organizing the tools for lending.
  • A computer wiz person who can set up a procedure for tracking lending.

Please contact Heather Kralik if interested
email: heather@orexchange.org or call: 272.4492

ORE Office Hours

Wednesday, Thursday 10-3pm at the ORE office: 46 Barre St, Montpelier (enter by the side door on the right of the building, then up one flight of stairs, ORE is the first office on the left)




Orientations held at the ORE office: 46 Barre St, Montpelier

  • first Thursday of the month from 2-3pm
  • third Wednesday of the month from 12-1pm

Attending an orientation will help ensure that you make good use of your ORE Membership.  You will be taken through how to post offers and requests, search for current exchange possibilities, hear stories of other ORE Member exchanges, have all of your time banking questions answered and leave understanding how to make your first exchange a fruitful experience.

Hi!  This is a picture of myself and Fred Cheyette, at my tattoo studio.  He came by so I could help him build his website for his new book.http://fredcheyette.com/main_page.html  (check out Fred's new site!) Thanks, Lila
From Fred, The time bank has been wonderful, both in giving and in receiving. I have taught bread making and wine making, and tutored someone in algebra. I have received French lessons, had clothes mended and had someon create a website for me.I get great pleasure in doing these exchanges, because they come from the heart. Blessings, Fred



ORE loves hearing your stories! Please send to Chloe (at) orexchange.org

A 700-member time bank in Central Vermont - Possible.org from Olivier Asselin on Vimeo.

ORE on "Senior Moments" aired on ORCA (cable station #15)

Recently, the folks from Senior Moments, a show aired on ORCA, interviewed ORE staffer Heather and Members Roger, Maureen, and Chris. 

Click here to watch the show

Click here to sign up for the ORE E-Newsletter (comes out once a month)

Check us out on WCAX: Nov 20, 2012 Interview with Time Bank Staff and Members

Interested in becoming a Member?  Click here for more info!

Have pictures or stories of an exchange you'd like to share? 

Questions, Comments, Ideas?

Contact Onion River Exchange

Call: 802-552-3040

Email: use contact form at top of page

 PO Box 53, Montpelier, VT 05601














http://Take our Survey...Only 10 Questions...We are looking to get a minimum of 60 responses and if we do, expect a raspberry pie at the February Montpelier Pot Luck. The survey will help inform staff/ Board as well as give us information for submitting grants. We appreciate your time and opinions. Please log one hour for taking the survey. Thanks, Heather Just Click link below: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LKH85HR









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