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Why do you love ORE?  Share your stories of how ORE has made a difference in your life. 

Silent Auction and Abundance Dinner An Amazing Success!!

This was ORE's first Silent Auction and Dinner. Over sixty people came to share our evening at the Montpelier Senior Activity Center. There were over 48 items and services up for bid with community and ORE members stirring up a bidding frenzy! Area businesses said, "Yeah, we can help!" and donated gifts and goods. Members cooked up some magic and made hors dourves and desserts to swoon for (and we did!)  ORE member Rosie Williams was our MC and delightfully guided us through the evening. Michael Arnowitz graced us with his talent and played divinely for the first part of the evening. Chefs Susan Reid and Mary Roehm cooked their socks off (which fortunately did not end up in either of the stews!) The meal was out-of-this-world fantastic with the bulk of ingredients coming from local sources. Fourteen members helped cook, plate, serve and clean up at the end of the evening. There was a lot of hard work happening that night and we are extremely grateful for everyone who pitched in. ORE made just shy of $3,000, new members are signing up and everyone had a great time! The Abundance Dinner truly was a joyful and successful event!

Thank you ORE members for donating items and helping stage the event. Our community is truly abundant. A special thanks to area businesses: Montpelier Senior and Activity Center, Just Basics, Inc., Red Hen Bakery, Shaws, Hunger Mountain CoOp, Manghis Bread, Vermont Butter and Cheese, Dog River Farm, Burelli Farm, Capitol Grounds, and Pete's Greens. 


ORE Office Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10-3pm at the ORE office: 46 Barre St, Montpelier (enter by the side door on the right of the building, then up one flight of stairs, ORE is the first office on the left)




Orientations for new members are held on the first Thurs of every month from 2-3 pm at the ORE Office in Montpelier, and the 3rd Weds of every month from 12-1 pm at the ORE Office.

Attending an orientation will help ensure that you make good use of your ORE Membership.  You will be taken through how to post offers and requests, search for current exchange possibilities, hear stories of other ORE Member exchanges, have all of your time banking questions answered and leave understanding how to make your first exchange a fruitful experience.


Member Stories

Had a good exchange experience lately? Send it to us along with any pictures so we can publish it in our next newsletter. 

Member Exchange Story: Sage

I thought I'd share a story/info of good vibes/experience exchanging if it would help you get a grant. My partner and I have been having a grand ole time time bank exchanging. We visit with a Northfield Member almost every weekend. And what has come out of our time visiting with her is amazing abundance/opportunities/education/experiences I would never have had without the time bank. I feel more abundant with the time bank hours than money, so I am willing to spend hours on things I wouldn't spend money on and expose myself to new experiences I won't. For example, I went to an herbal class with a Member I would not have gone to w/o the time bank, cause I rarely spend money on classes, but hours is different. And it taught me a lot and has added to my knowledge/what I teach to others as an herbalist as well, because all herbalist have different knowledge. I also have purchased 4 tinctures from the teacher through the timebank! I would not normally have bought these in a store, but I had a lot of hours and thought, sure, well surprisingly, these tinctures are made with herbs I don't ordinarily use and don't know much about and because of the timebank again, I am learning about a whole plethora of new herbs (and flower essences). But of all exchanges, the most wonderful is with a potter in Woodbury. My partner and I have been going and taking pottery lessons, it is amazing/fun/relaxing and something I have always wanted to do, but felt cost a lot of money and seemed difficult to access, but with the time bank it is much easier.  So overall, the message of this email, is I am more open to spending hours of opportunities I won't take w/o it, it creates a feeling of abundance and connects community and brings out peoples gifts, especially of teaching.


ORE loves hearing your stories! Please send to Chloe (at) orexchange.org

A 700-member time bank in Central Vermont - Possible.org from Olivier Asselin on Vimeo.

ORE on "Senior Moments" aired on ORCA (cable station #15)

Recently, the folks from Senior Moments, a show aired on ORCA, interviewed ORE staffer Heather and Members Roger, Maureen, and Chris. 

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