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TIMEBANKS USA - workshop on timebanking "Gathering for a Purpose".

TIMEBANKS USA  - workshop on timebanking "Gathering for a Purpose".

Timebanks USA is organizing a series of workshops on timebanking. They are looking for a few people who are interested in timebanking and who would like to discuss it with others.  They have created a new agenda for the workshops and are also looking for participants feedback about the workshops.

Gathering With A Purpose is a four-part series of gatherings - one potluck and three workshops - that explore the acts of giving and receiving towards building more resilient, resourceful communities.

Are you interested?

See the description at: "Gathering for a Purpose"

The date, time and place has not yet been set.  It will depend upon the availability of those interested. It will entail 4 workshops over a period of some weeks or a few months in Central Vermont

The gatherings will be a place to learn more about timebanking and to discuss the share your ideas about the draft version of the curriculum. Timebanks USA will also be interested in the participants comments and evaluations of this draft agenda.

If you are interested in participating in these gatherings please click here to write us and together we will plan the date, time and location.

Feel free to share this with anyone who you think might be interested.