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Onion River Exchange

First Repair Café was a great success

The Repair Café which was organized by ORE and the CVSWMD was a great success.

See: Repair Café picture in the Times Argus

There were 14 repair volunteers ("fixperts") helping to fix the 69 items brought by visitors to the Repair Café on Jan. 20. While visitors waited to for the next available repair volunteer they enjoyed soup, tea coffee and cookies that were provided by the First Church in Barre (who donated the use of their facilities) and cookies donated by Panera Bread.

There was a great variety of items brought to be repaired: eye glasses, electric fans, kitchen mixers, a coat zipper, knives to be sharpened, broken toys, mobile phones, broken plates, computers, an electric (fake) fireplace, vacuum cleaners, video equipment, a picture frame, etc. We are currently collating the statistics and will soon report about how many were able to be fixed. 

One ORE member wrote:  "So many people organizing, fixing and getting their items fixed. Was such an uplifting event. I'm grateful for fixing my grandmother's antique table. I was even able to give some advise to someone else - fair exchange!!"

Many thanks to all the volunteers who made this possible!

See the Repair Manifesto  "If you can't fix it, you don't own it."