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Onion River Exchange

Repair Café in Hardwick

The second Repair Café organized by ORE and the CVSWMD took place in Hardwick on April 28. Including organizers and volunteers there were over 60 people at the event, including 11 repair volunteers. Visitors brought in 37 items for repair, of which 20 were repaired immediately. Another 6 were partially repaired due to lack of part or tools. There were 9 items that could not be repaired because of a lack of parts, tools or time. For these items, visitors were provided with information about the parts needed and what to do themselves to repair them. Only 2 were broken beyond repair.

There was also a volunteer who offered head/neck/back massages. Ten people took advantage of the massage. We also had a "take-apaart-table" where kids of any age could experiment and discover the insides of some household appliances.

We had a table about ORE there were at least two people who showed great interest in timebanking. A VPR reporter was also there so we expect more radio coverage (Click to listen).