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Onion River Exchange

ORE's Annual Member Meeting was a Hit!

On Monday October 22nd, ORE held its ANNUAL MEMBER MEETING - A particularly special one as we where celebrating our 10th Birthday!

Yes, we've gone into the double digits!

We had the opportunity to share with each other, assess the financial health of our organization, talked about exchanging "outside the box", ate cake & celebrated 10 years of timebanking in Central Vermont and most importantly, connected with one another!

Thank you to all those who attended... and if you didnt make it, no worry! There are many ways to become involved:

- Do you know someone that would make a good Board Member? reach out and encourage them or let me know and we will reach out.

- Would you like to meet new members and become more involved with ORE? Become an Office Staffer!

- Do you have any of your own ideas that you would like to see happen? Could be fundraising opportunity, a community engagement opportunity, social activity? As long as we have engaged members, the sky is the limit!

- Make a conscious effort to talk about ORE to at least 5 people (or however many you can) — in these coming days…. There is no better way of encouraging new members to join than by sharing our own experiences.

Thank you for continuing to support ORE and to believe in TimeBanking!

** Look for more event pictures on our Facebook Page.