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Onion River Exchange

Mutual Aid - Volunteer Sign Up & Needs Request - COVID-19

Montpelier-Area COVID-19 Mutual Aid Volunteer Sign-up

Montpelier Area Needs Request

Barre Mutual Aid  sign-up for needs and volunteers


Dear Members:

With the uncertainty and isolation that COVID-19 may bring about, it is very important that we seize opportunities to connect with and be supported by our community:

If you will be needing asisstance during this time (food delivery), etc - please sign up: Montpelier Area Needs Request or for Barre at Barre Mutual Aid

Also, put up a request on Community Weaver or contact our office:

If you are able, please volunteer, whether through ORE or through a community wide initiative:

The Montpelier list is being compiled by grassroots community organizers, Amanda Garces, Marge Jones and Emily Marie Ahtunan, in Montpelier Vermont to share with others who are physically and emotionally available for mutual aid work around COVID-19 at the local level.

The Barre Mutual Aid team includes three ORE Timebank members, and orthers who are doing the same for the greater Barre area.

We expect that COVID-19 will come to our communities, if it has not already, and we are coordinating a public response as a proactive and reactive measure to protect and support each other, particularly our most vulnerable populations.

Thank you!

The ORE Team