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Onion River Exchange

ORE-Timebanking Orientation


How does timebanking work? Learn about the goals, values of timebanking. Practice timebanking.

This orientation will be a chance to learn about the goals and values that make ORE and timebanking unique. We will be covering:

  • What a timebank is: it's purpose and a bit of history - ORE's roots.
  • How timebanking contributes to our community and how it might help change our world.
  • The values at the core of timebanking and how they are manifest in our offers and requests.

The Onion River Exchange (ORE) Timebank is a place for members to exchange skills, talents, and services using time instead of money. It a sharing community of giving and receiving. Each person's time has the same value. We record the time (hours) of service given and received. The timebank is a network of individuals, and organizations that share services with each other.