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Onion River Exchange

Timebanking in times of social distancing

I took this quote from the article:
“Timebanks are not just for exchanging services. When we get to know one another by giving and receiving help, we strengthen the fabric of our communities. We need not feel isolated. With a little creativity, we can stay connected and lend support, from a distance.”
Timebank members continue to help others. They are offering; coaching and counseling, software installation and mentoring, gardening help, virtual check-ins, and meet-up, among other things.
There are also requests from timebankers for: grant writing, musical instrument tutor, graph design help, baking, help with the internet.
We can still help our community and follow the guidelines to stay healthy and safe.
So, I invite you to join in timebanking. It is a great way to connect with others, helping the community become more productive and feel supported, all while staying healthy. Let’s inspire one another. You will earn credit for submitting creative ideas for distance exchanges. Email your ideas
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