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Onion River Exchange

ORE Participant Agreement Form

Onion River Exchange (ORE) Participant Agreement Form

**Please keep this sheet for your records.**

1)I understand that my participation in ORE is voluntary and that I am able to discontinue my ORE membership at any time for any reason.


2)I understand that my name, telephone number, e-mail address, and information about my service offers and requests will be published in the ORE Member services directories (on paper and on Community Weaver, the ORE online exchange program) and shared with other ORE Members, unless I specify otherwise.


3)I understand ORE is not an agent of any Member, neither the Giver nor Receiver of any service or exchange.  ORE staff provides the opportunity for the Members involved to come together and work out a mutually acceptable transaction.


4)Since any agreement shall be made by and between the Members involved in the transaction, ORE cannot guarantee the performance of any Member. ORE, its affiliates/subsidiaries/staff, whether individually or in a group, will not be held responsible and will not assume any liability for claims, damages, or any other consequence which may arise from this arrangement.  Nor are any credits guaranteed beyond the members’ good faith.


5)I agree to hold ORE, its affiliates/subsidiaries, staff and/or agents harmless from any and all claims or liabilities arising out of ORE membership.


6)I understand that if I use my personal vehicle in the course of my service for ORE, I must have a current valid driver’s license and I must keep vehicle insurance in force at least in an amount equal to the minimum limit required by Vermont law.


7)I understand and agree that I must hold all Members’ health and personal information in confidence and that intentional or involuntary violation of that confidentiality could result in dismissal from ORE.


8)I understand that ORE does not assess Members’ skills and I agree that if requesting a service requiring a licensed professional I must only accept service from a licensed professional.  Further, I agree that if I am providing a service that requires a professional license, I have a valid current license in that field.


9)I understand that ORE does not guarantee the fulfillment of any request, nor that any offer of service will be utilized.


10)I understand that there is an element of risk involved in participation in ORE and accept that all activities are on a voluntary basis and entirely at my own discretion.


11)  Our Ethics Policy

ORE is dedicated to promoting and building enduring and peaceful connections within its organization and within the community it serves. It is ORE’s intent to reflect this within its membership, its own operation, and its Board and committee structure. ORE also recognizes that within any organization it is possible for conflict to arise among members; therefore, please see the ORE Grievance Procedure posted on our website and on Community Weaver for guidelines on dealing with any such conflict or grievance that may arise.

All members that sign up for ORE are expected to adhere to and abide by the following principles in conducting themselves with one another and in all actions representing ORE:

   •        respect                             •        safety
   •        peaceful coexistence         •        cooperation
   •        listening                           •        equitable sharing of time and ideas

12)  Steps to a Good Exchange

ORE asks all Members to do the following to ensure good exchanges.

·        Clarify, communicate and confirm all details before an exchange happens: How much time will be exchanged? Is there cash involved (material costs should always be paid by the receiver of service)? What level of skill is needed?

·        Respond quickly when another Member reaches out to you, within 48 hours if possible.

·        Post offers and requests on Community Weaver, ORE’s online exchange program, and keep your contact information and offers/requests up to date. 

·        Log your earned hours.  It is the giver of service that logs the hours.