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Onion River Exchange

Member Stories

Two Bernadettes

East Meets West - 2 Bernadettes in ORE

Although Bernadeth W's name was misspelled on her immigration documents, her real name is Bernadette!  Who would guess that Bernadette W  & Bernadette Rose both live in Barre and have made a great connection?  After a "site visit" to Bern R's home the site of post construction dust and garden dirt,  Bernie W agreed to help Bern R clean up!

Bernie W, from Sri Lanka, is an amazing cook and comes from a lush country with mountains of fresh foods.  The two walked down to see Bern R's garden, where they picked beans, squash, kale, & tomatillas for Bernie W.  Surprise and good fortune for Bern R was yummy, spicy samples of Sri Lankan food to take home when she gave Bernie W a ride.  (watch out for those apple bits!) omg.  If you love flavor, spicy, delicious food, Bernie W will cook for you!

Bern R is VERY grateful for the help Bernie W provided getting her kitchen in order and cleaned up a bit.  In the conversation, Bernie W mentioned driving lessons, so we went driving about - you know hill starts and Vermont turn-arounds?  What a great match!  We took a picture of the amazing "volunteer" squash in Bern R's garden.  The delicata heritage kept even the larger squash delicious to eat!  We hope you enjoyed our exchange story.  Bernie W is a new ORE member, so please take a look at her profile!  Bern R goes way back in ORE, but is always happy to make a new friend and ESPECIALLY one to help her clean house! The two Bernadettes! (both love gardens, cooking, and eating!)

A Recent Exchange

It took me awhile to understand how the mechanics of ORE worked and now that I feel that I have somewhat gotten it down-packed I am completely satisfied with this program.  I love how the exchange is working for me, meeting new and interesting people that serve in my best interest, how can it get any better then that.  I actually love introducing and seeing the expansion possibilities for recruiting new people that show interest in the trading of services. I am looking forward to seasonal table work, introducing others to such a constructive and valuable plan that ORE offers to our local community. I have always loved bartering, trading and sharing of talents.  I hope to live to see the time in my life that paper money is done away with and there are only the trading of services going on all over the world.  Here is a recent exchange experience I had: Laura Manfred is a marvelous and inspirational spiritual counselor. I recently had a two hour ORE reading.  She is attentive, thorough, patient and sweet with a kind personality.  Her perceptions come from her knowingness/insightfulness, understanding and wisdom.  She encouraged and inspired truth and clarity, which was very beneficial in helping me to connect the dots in my personal life, because we are like-minded our conversation was most inviting and beneficial, which made it all work well weaving a web of indepth information that was conducive to my positive present and future outcome.  Thank you Ms Laura!
Helen Gauthier


Note from Prevent Child Abuse Vermont (PCAV) on time banking

This past summer, PCAV had wonderful exchanges with Betsey, who volunteered several hours of her time as a meal preparer. She made many casseroles and pasta dishes, great family-style, freezer-friendly meals for PCAV’s weekly programs. She even turned salmon filets into salmon burgers for one of our programs!

Lanie has also been an amazing help to PCAV. She is a child care volunteer, supervising and playing with children during weekly Nurturing Parenting Programs in Barre. Lanie is pretty phenomenal with kids! She has an extensive background in early childhood education & development. It’s fun to watch – she’s so engaging with the kids – and I enjoy her company.

Most recently, we've been collaborating with Jerry and the Northfield Middle School Service Learning students. I think it’s pretty neat that Jerry found the PCAV meal preparation volunteer opportunity through the time bank– else we never would have connected.

I often wish PCAV could return the favors to these volunteers more directly, but I guess that’s part of the beauty of a time bank. Hopefully, in some transitive/spider web way, their good deeds are being returned to them from other community members.

Caelan with PCAV