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Onion River Exchange

Many Hands Project

Many hands working together can turn any task into a fun time of sharing.

The goal of the Many Hands Project is to organize a few (3 or more) timebankers to provide a service together for a specific task for a timebank member. It is especially useful if ther is a larger task to be done.  For example, someone who needs a lot of garden help that would perhaps be daunting for one person to do alone. Other projects that can be better done with many hands also suggest themselves, such as wood stacking or community projects.

Right now there a number of requests for garden help. Wouldn't you know it. Now is the time when the gardens are growing and growing. We would like to find out who is willing to join in a many hands some time during the next 2 months to have fun together putting gardens into shape for the summer.

If you are interested, please contact us. Click on Many Hands Project.