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Onion River Exchange

ORE in Montpelier's July 3rd Parade!

ORE in Montpelier's July 3rd Parade!

Do you want to have fun with other timebankers? Are you interested in helping ORE get the word out about the timebank?

What better or more fun opportunity could there be for a captive audience than the town parade? ORE will take part this year if enough members are available to participate. Please take a look at the areas below and let us know if you can help prepare or want to walk the route with us!! Our "float": We will carry the ORE banner and want members to create signs/posters/etc that show example exchanges that were made possible by the timebank. We are open to suggestions about other festive ways to help us stand out (costumes, noise makers, etc) but we must submit an application by JUNE 12 of our design, so keep it simple.

If you are interested in helping out in ANY way, please let us know by filing out the Google form found here:

or if you dont feel comfortable with google docs, contact member organizer, Debbie Archer directly at:

We look forward to parading with you!!